Xiaoyan Wang

Xiaoyan Wang       Xiaoyan Wang                                                                 

Master’s Degree in International Law, Hainan University, China

Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Hainan University, China


Intellectual property law (the law of geographical indications and trade marks)

International Law

A Comparative Study of Legislation Protection of Geographical Indications in the EU and China

A GI as an independent intellectual property right has great economic, cultural and social value to both EU and China. They are negotiating a bilateral agreement on GI protection in light of the deadlock in Doha round negotiations. My research provides a detailed comparative study of the current legislative protection of GIs in both parties, identifying areas of difficulty in negotiating a bilateral agreement and considering options to harmonise these differences. To build a solid foundation for the subject, fundamental issues within the wide GI discourse such as models of protection and the rationale for GI protection are also concerned as well as EU and Chinese policy agenda in relation to this topic.


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