LLM International Business Law

LLM International Business Law

This programme is designed to help you set the legal and regulatory regimes around international business and the global economy in the context of broader legal and socio-legal study skills. The LLM will prepare you for a career in the commercial sector, in business, government or in NGOs. You will be proficient in thinking about business on a global scale and the place of law, compliance, corporate social responsibility and trade in our societies.

The programme is open to applicants with a 2.1 or equivalent in Law or a cognate discipline (such as politics, geography, history, sociology, planning or management and finance). If you do not meet these criteria but have two years of relevant work experience or have completed a Masters elsewhere, you may also be eligible for admission.


Issues in Corporate Governance
Develops a socio-legal approach to the governance of large global concerns. Perspectives on the UK’s regulatory regime, on issues around board structures and corporate social responsibility.

International Business Transactions
Approaching law’s role in the global economy, focused in international  nance, global trade and international commercial law.

SPRING (choice of 2)
Company and Society
Advanced perspectives on corporate social responsibility, with an emphasis on developments in the interaction of global business with human rights regimes.

Digital Finance Law
Focuses on the interaction of digital technologies in  nancial services, focused on how law’s interactions with innovations in the sector, including back-of ce functions, compliance, peer-to-peer technologies and access to services.

EU Law and Economic Integration
Current themes in European and transnational legal studies from substantive perspectives, including the legal frameworks of EU economic integration, regulatory approaches to economic integration and external trade policies.

Intellectual Property Law
Focuses on advanced issues in intellectual property law, including digital copyright, global protections and policy.

International and Comparative Competition Law
Focused on international competition law, on antitrust and anti-competitive practices, and on extraterritorial jurisdiction.
SUMMER (choice of 1)

A specialised project in an area of your choosing.
Dissertation with Internship
A specialised project in an area of your choosing, drawing on your relevant workplace or internship experiences.

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